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Apr 7, Hyperborea. Both were called fools before they began looking.

On the other hand El Dorado and Atlantis are almost certainly myths. An expedition lost in the desert in a desert country at least once in its year history is not exactly pushing the bounds of believability. Whether true of not who knows, but it's definitely feasible and on Schliemann and Evans example not a silly thing to do to at least look. AlpinLuke Forum Staff. Oct 26, Italy, Lago Maggiore. A part that it seems that a discovery made without SCA permission and approval is not a discovery [you have to put the find again under the sand waiting for SCA!

Hawass about this, sooner or later].

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This said, I don't agree with "Castiglioni brothers". It's more probable that the army got lost well more far from the oasis. Without a compass and being tired after many kilometers of march, in a desert is quite easy to get lost and to loose the orientation. So, if they weren't able to "navigate" following the stars [and this is anyway curious for Persians, but that's it But I keep on thinking that it was really odd that Persian generals hadn't someone with them [or themselves] able to find an accurate direction following the stars during the night and a general direction observing the sun during the day [sure in the desert clouds weren't a problem!

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Davidius Ad Honorem. Dec 4, Pillium. The lost army of Cambyses II according to a 19th-century engraving So what do you guys think, myth or reality? I thought it would be far easier to copy and paste, was in a rush, I apologise for not crediting my source, Wikipedia.

There is also a general consideration: since Persians dominated Egypt for a not irrelevant period, it's obvious they sent more than only one expedition in that direction.

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Furthermore, the quantity of finds and rests are not that huge. So, nothing can tell us that Castiglioni brothers have found the clues of the passage of that army [exactly of that army] and not of an other Persian army Theromanempire Oct 13, Oct 49 Virginia. Lost Never heard of that lost army. Just the three lost legions, who were found, and the mysterius, still at bay, 9th legion.

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Went for the mountains, never returned. Oct 13, After a successful test expedition with Senussi nomads, accompanied by the English explorer E. Evans-Pritchard , he learned that the British authorities of Egypt, in the wake of growing tensions between the UK and Germany, had issued orders to the Senussi not to put camels at the disposal of foreigners. That put an end to his expeditions in Egypt. From to , Esch was the German ambassador in Syria and from to , he was ambassador in Morocco. He died in From September to February , Gary S. Chafetz—who is apparently the first person to translate the obscure book by von der Esch—based the location of his search on the six large cairns that von der Esch reported finding in April Chafetz's six-month search was conducted along the Egyptian-Libyan border in a remote square-kilometer area of complex dunes immediately north northwest of the six von der Esch cairns, south west of the uninhabited Bahrein Oasis, and approximately miles south east of Siwa Amon Oasis.

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The expedition discovered approximately tumuli Zoroastrian-style graves but no artifacts. Several tumuli contained bone fragments. Thermoluminence later dated these fragments to 1, BCE, approximately years earlier than the Lost Army. And let's assume that the Israeli commandos--who boarded these relatively small vessels in international waters--did come under attack.

Was this kind of lethal response good for Israeli's self interest? How could Netanyahu be so obtuse? Why didn't the Israeli government realize that any action by its commandos that resulted in civilian deaths--even if somewhat justified--would have a horrific effect on its already badly seared public image?

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A much wiser and more calibrated response would have been for the Israeli commandos to show restraint. They should have retreated--as the victims, not the perpetrators--of violence. The boats could then have still been harmlessly stopped, for example, by disabling their rudders. Is the cost of fighting terrorism--including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the death and injury of tens of thousands of young American soldiers--worth our unswerving support of Israel?

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To rephrase, is it in the national interest of the United States to continue such unswerving support? US Edition U. News U.