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Boko is a frog whose incompetence often leads to explosions. With his magic red-and-white hat, the stupid boy Darko, created by Nikolai Dudov, is perhaps the most recognizable character of the magazine Duga. The main characters of The Adventures of Asterix , Asterix is the hero of the village and is aided by Obelix, his corpulent but robust friend, who gained super strength after falling into a magic potion when he was a baby.

With this potion, they are able to defend their village against the Roman Empire and go on various adventures. Valerian began as the typical handsome hero, strong and upstanding, but gradually gained greater complexity as the series progressed.

Marji is the main character in Persepolis, an autobiography about the childhood of Marjane Satrapi in Iran in the s, during and after the Islamic Revolution. Published in , this graphic novel was translated in many languages and adapted for film in , winning several awards along the way. Equally humorous and hot-tempered, they travel through time and space, having incredible adventures. Featuring the everyday adventures of a father and his son, this silent comic is one of the only illustrated stories published during the Third Reich that has remained in the memory of German readers.

Created in , Asso di Picche Ace of Spades is a masked crime fighter who combats an international crime syndicate called the Band of Panthers in this classic comics series. Tex Willer, main character of Tex , is described as a tough guy with a strong personal sense of justice, who becomes a ranger and defends honest folks against villains of all kinds. First published in , this series is inspired by Westerns of the era.

Created in for the Dutch socialist newspaper Voorwaarts, it was the first Dutch comic to break through on a wide scale, and recounts the adventures of two boys who accompany their fathers on a long trip to sea. The series caused controversy for its often mature content. Published fom to , the main character is a general desperate to seize power, who continuously tries to force a rival marshal out of his fortress.

Very popular in Netherlands, it was also published in Germany and English-speaking countries starting in the s. The series includes more than 50 volumes and spinoffs. The series includes more than 20 volumes plus a number of spinoffs. A hero without superpowers from the s, the Golden Age of Serbian comics, Zigomar fought crime wherever he encountered it.

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This Yugoslav comics series, very famous in the s, tells the story of two Yugoslav Partisan couriers, Mirko and Slavko. It was the first and only Yugoslav comic to be adapted into a live action movie. Dikan , one of the most popular Yogoslav comics series in the s, follows the adventures of Dikan and his uncle Vukoje as they travel the Balkans during the 6th century. Created in , this series remains one of the most popular Spanish comics, published in more than a dozen countries and adapted for film multiple times.

The series was adapted for film in Literally meaning Captain Thunder, this hero is a 12th-century knight who travels the world with his companions. Still published today, it has been adapted for film many times. It narrates the everyday life in Stockholm of Rocky, an anthropomorphic dog, filled with friends, humor, and hip-hop culture. Created in , this character is the most well-known in Sweden. Compared to traditional tractor airplanes, in which a front-mounted propeller pulls the aircraft, a pusher offers better forward visibility and reduces drag from the propeller slipstream.

In , Lesher finished building a pusher called Nomad. He brought it to a fly-in where he learned about the C-1a record from another builder, Leeon Davis, who had designed the tiny aluminum DA-2 kitplane. Intrigued by the competition, Lesher decided to design an improved pusher.

Lesher had plenty of help, says Adamson: The professor recruited his design students to make performance calculations. Still, the aluminum Teal was heavy— pounds when empty, compared to the pound HK-1 that held the record. However, due to lower drag, Teal flew faster.


Teal first flew in , and by , Lesher had set six of the seven records. For the outstanding challenge, straight-line distance, he chose a westerly route from St. Augustine, Florida, that avoided high mountains and gave him four more hours of daylight than a west-to-east route.

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During his first attempts, in , the weather cooperated, but in the days leading up to the flights, he was unable to sleep and canceled twice. A doctor prescribed medication, but it would be four years before Lesher got another chance. On July 2, , Lesher took off just after sunrise, equipped with a baseball cap, navigation charts, a canteen of water, and hard candy.

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To help fight boredom, he kept to a rigid schedule of computing ground speeds, recording data, and eating at minute intervals. Around 12 hours into the flight, he crossed into Arizona and spotted a wall of thunderstorms in front of a mountain pass. He knew an airport lay 25 miles north, but it was short of the record. Lesher cut south, and soon he saw Tucson and improving weather in the distance. At the Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, just weeks after Lesher made his flight, Burt Rutan introduced the VariEze, a two-seat composite-material pusher that was lighter than Teal, although only the nose gear retracted.

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Gary Hertzler, an engineer with Allied Signal now Honeywell , had built a VariEze, and he thought he could improve on it. He tinkered with the exhaust system and air inlet, added a modified propeller that sacrificed climb performance to gain efficiency during cruise, and gave the airplane an exceptionally smooth finish. Hertzler was ready to take on the straight-line record. He took off at midnight carrying a half-gallon of water and a couple of granola bars. In addition to lights and an electrical system, he used a short-range radio navigation system.

Hertzler followed Interstate 40 west and climbed to 11, feet to clear the relatively flat but high-elevation terrain in Arizona. He flew all night with no problems, but the following afternoon, clouds in Kentucky forced him to fly low. Sixteen hours into the flight, two sleepless nights and tangling with the weather had taken its toll. Five decades after designing what he hoped would be a record-breaking airplane, my father, by then retired from the Air Force and well into a second career at Boeing in Seattle, was finally ready to make his record attempt. He started building the E-1 in , using aluminum sheet metal from Boeing surplus.

It had a front propeller and fixed landing gear. He also took advantage of miniaturized electronics to install a unit that offered GPS navigation, thunderstorm warnings, and a crude autopilot. Like Hertzler, Dad sacrificed a few pounds to have lights and an electrical system. Since thunderstorms in the Midwest usually die down at night, he chose an afternoon takeoff from Seattle so he could cross the Midwest overnight and then land the next morning.

Dad also had to comply with an FAI rule change: Instead of flying as far as he could and landing wherever he chose, as Lesher and Hertzler had done, he had to name his destination.

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He selected Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Finally, in July , after a year of waiting for his schedule and the weather to match up, everything came together. Other than the fuel gauge problems after takeoff, Dad says the flight was mostly relaxing, but sometimes lonely.

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Overnight, no one was talking on the radio, not even traffic controllers. After learning the bad news about his fuel status near Columbus, my father chose not to surrender. With clearer weather forecast ahead, he climbed back to 7, feet and found a tailwind that carried him the rest of the way. When he landed, Dad had covered 2, miles in 18 hours and 15 minutes.

He had enough fuel to fly another 50 miles. Hertzler still owns his VariEze, which he has further modified to improve its performance, while also learning a lesson that test pilots know well: Tinkering with an aircraft to push the envelope carries risks. Not long after his record-breaking flight, Hertzler tried out some cylinders he designed, and the engine failed on takeoff.

He managed to land on a taxiway with minimal damage, and after repairs, used the airplane in to take the C-1a closed-course distance record from Yeager. Continue or Give a Gift. Daily Planet.

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